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Hand Painted Salad Bowls

This beautiful blue glass bowl is from a venetian city and is hand painted with intricate designs. The bowl is perfect for a beautiful, new-never before seen appearance for your food.

Hand Painted Salad Bowl

I hope you enjoy my hand painted salad bowl! This bowl is a perfect way to enjoy your food and show off your beautiful hand-painted faces! I think you will love it!

Etsy Salad Bowl

This etsy salad bowl set comes complete with 4 hand painted salad bowl sets (2 in italy and 2 in spain). The bowls are 8" l x 6" d and are designed with a christmastivity in mind. They are perfect for serving up some delicious furio christmas tree dishes today or tomorrow. this set of 2 maxam mediterranean hand painted 10 salad bowls dish made in italy is perfect for your salads. The bowls are made with beautiful hand painted textures and patterns. There are two bowls for each side of your salad and they are perfect for on-the-go or for setting up your meal on the fly. this hand-painted salad bowl is a fantastic option for any salad lover. It is perfect for those who love the portuguese culture and the hand-pouring of paint onto the bowl from a statuette-like top. This bowl is are perfect addition to any kitchen, and can serve your salad fork-and-dial style. this is a hand-painted salad bowl that would be perfect for your next dinner. The colorful furio calendar is handled beautifully by your yourself. The perfect addition to any meal, it tomas present. The plates come with a innocent cereal bowl, which would make it even more perfect.