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Wooden Salad Bowl With Stand

This alice white wine Bowl is a first-rate way to add a touch of luxury to your space, the sleek wood design is first-rate for any setting and the standing serving utensils make it straightforward to serve yourself.

Salad Bowl Serving Set

This vintage gift hand carved Wooden Bowl set With carved Stand is a terrific alternative to add a touch of luxury to your kitchen or kitchen area, the carved Stand provides a sturdy foundation for the beautiful wood bowls and bowls are wide and deep green eyesight bowls are beautiful off-white color. The bowls are just right for serving food or drinks, the set also includes a handle for facile carrying. The Bowl is fabricated out of wood and imparts a carved Stand that can be used for cooking or eating, it is further lightweight and basic to move around, making it a practical substitute for a small kitchen. This large salad Bowl is top-rated for serving your salad ingredients and fragrances up high! The pewter antler Stand is designed to keep your salad on the stand, and the rustic cabin lodge design means that your salad can always be toasted or toastable, the bread is a practical addition for a quick and basic breakfast or brunch. This brown Wooden wood salad Bowl With metal pewter antler Stand is a sterling table setting for any meal, it is top-rated for serving your salad With a delicious, yet hearty, meal.