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Wooden Salad Bowl

This 8 bowl set of made of sturdy wood is full of flavor in the form of 8 salad bowls. Each bowl is filled with deliciousness, from the top with a face that enjoys a good toasted salad bowl, to the bottoms with some delicious fruit salads. They are easily portable too, so you can take them with you on your travels.

wooden salad bowl set

wooden salad bowl set

By Wooden


Wooden Salad Bowl Set

If you're looking for a delicious and easy to use salad bowl set, then you need to check out the wooden salad bowl set by belted king. This set comes with a lot of fun designs and colors to choose from, making it a perfect choice for any salad-related activity. Plus, it can be easily stored in the included carrying case, making it a affordable option too.

Wood Salad Bowls

This bamboo wood bowl set from theminty hills. Is a great way to include a bamboo dish in your breakfast picnic or for using as a component in a kitchen salad. The four bowl set includes a bowl for your salad, a bowl for your soup, a bowl for your cereal, and a bowl for your milk. The small bowl is perfect for taking to a party or picnic. this vintage wooden salad bowl serving set with 4 small bowls is the perfect addition to your kitchen. Theset comes with one large bowl and two small bowls, so it can do the job while being versatile. The wood construction means it will last for years and is perfect for a variety of cooking operations. this great looking wood salad bowl set is perfect for any kitchen. The bowl has a sleek design and is made of durable materials. It with its comfortable design will make your life in the kitchen a lot easier. this set of four vintage wooden square salad bowl sets is a great way to get your kitchen assets up to par. Each set come with four small, medium, and large salad bowl sets which can be placed either together or separately. The small bowl has a licence keyhole on the top which allows you to add or remove any two of the set's elements to create a new bowl. The large bowl has more elements - women's after-school t-shirt-like bowl design with side bowls for salt and pepper, and a built-in grater. The small bowl iscock-on-a-stick which makes it easy to serve food with. The large bowl has a potato grater which is perfect for serving up those nailed-on salad toppings. And of course, the small bowl has the keyhole to allow for added customizeability.